About EpiHack

EpiHack code fest convenes developers and animal and human health experts to jointly develop digital prototypes for disease detection in the East Africa and Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) member states.

EpiHack connects leading technologist, programmers and public health experts in the Southern and East African Regions to join intensive hack day events to create, adapt and fine-tune digital tools for national and regional disease surveillance.
For the past 15 years the technological progress have influenced and explored the improvement of public health and today, with services such as Google, Facebook or Twitter the access to big data enables tracking diseases faster than ever before. By identifying potential epidemics the outbreaks of global pandemics can be reduced or fully hindered.
EpiHack brings the crucial cross-sector, borderless issue of disease detection to Southern and East African Regions that is predicted to be the “ground zero” of coming pandemics.
The first EpiHack in Africa will take place in Arusha, Tanzania in December 2014 where global health experts together with leading technologist in the Southern and East African regions gathered to work closely on health projects.
By detecting disease outbreaks faster we can keep communities healthier and safer!
Hack for Health!
Join us!
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