Call For Expression Of Interest: Development Of Policy Briefs And Participation In Policy Dialogue On Disease Surveillance And Outbreak Management In Tanzania

February 17, 2017
Policy dialogues have proven to be particularly useful in translating research evidence into actions as they provide opportunities for policy-makers to take stock of past achievements and explore strategic evidence-based options for further health system reform. Typically, policy dialogues are constructed around a policy priority questions presented by scientists in a forum of policy and decision makers. In this forum, experts present recent evidence, as well as relevant case studies that have faced similar questions for discussion and deliberation that will bring up the existing evidence on alternative options to adopt new approaches in practice and policy.
The National Institute for Medical Research in collaboration with the Southern African Centre of Infectious Disease Surveillance and National Health Policy and Systems Hub (NAHEPOS) is organizing a policy dialogue on Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Management to be held on Friday, December 16, 2016.
Policy Subject
The policy subject is: Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Management in the era of emerging and re-emerging diseases in Tanzania
Thematic Areas
1.      Digital Technology in Disease Surveillance in Tanzania
2.     Community-based Participatory Disease Surveillance in Tanzania
3.     Emerging Infectious Diseases in Tanzania
4.     Infectious Disease outbreak prediction and management in Tanzania
5.     Prevention and control of water-borne diseases in Tanzania
6.    One Health Disease Surveillance approach in Tanzania
7.     Prevention and control of non-communicable and chronic diseases in Tanzania
8.    National Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Management Priority Policy Issues in 2017 and beyond!
Development policy brief will involve both researchers and practitioners. The NAHEPOs will facilitate the development of policy briefs through capacity strengthening through electronic communication. The policy dialogue stakeholders will include policymakers, decision makers and programme managers (from government ministries, agencies, public and private institutions, nongovernmental organizations, bilateral organizations, civil societies, professional associations (Tanzania Veterinary Association, Medical Association of Tanganyika, Tanzania Public Health Association), politicians (including members of parliament), researchers, and the media. Policy dialogue will focus on discussions among stakeholders to raise issues, share perspectives, find common ground, and reach agreement or consensus, on policy solutions.
Dates and Venue
Interested parts will be required to submit their expression of interest indicating topic of interest by November 21, 2016 and a draft of their respective POLICY BRIEF by November 29, 2016. Upon receiving “expression of interest” guidelines on policy brief development will be provided.
Policy Dialogue will be held at the National Institute for Medical Research Headquarters in Dar es Salaam on December 18, 2016 starting from 08:30 hours.
Expression of Interests
This call for expression of interest is aimed at identifying researchers willing to develop policy briefs on disease surveillance, information management systems, and outbreaks management in Tanzania. Researchers working in Disease Surveillance and Outbreaks Management are encouraged to submit topics of their interests to the Organizing Secretariat ( or They will be required and facilitated to develop policy briefs to be presented during the planned Policy Dialogue.
Those interested should include the following information in their expression of interest:
1.     Names and Institutional affiliation
2.     Names of the authors of the policy briefs to be developed
3.     Tentative titles


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