Celebrate One Health Day

August 3, 2019

Fourth Annual Global  “ONE HEALTH DAY”

Since 2016, three leading international One Health groups, the One Health Commission, the One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono Team, and the One Health Platform Foundation, have partnered in leading global “ One Health Day ”. Officially celebrated on November 3, individuals and groups from around the world, from academic to corporate to non-profit, students to established professionals, take the opportunity to implement One Health projects and special events under the auspices of “One Health Day. “Highlighting the benefits of a One Health transdisciplinary approach towards solving today’s critical animal, human and ecological health challenges, projects focus on worldwide public health issues such as antimicrobial resistance, emerging/reemerging zoonotic infectious diseases, comparative medicine and research and the inextricable interactions between animal, environmental and human health.

One Health Movement

One Health is a movement to forge co-equal, all-inclusive collaborations, in both research and applied sciences, between agriculturalists and food producers, human and veterinary medical healthcare providers, nurses, dentists, environmental health specialists, educators, social scientists, wildlife / conservation medicine experts and many other related disciplines. The three global partners are calling upon individuals and groups from around the world to implement One Health educational projects and awareness events in 2019. One Health Day Events can be organized and implemented any time of the year and do not have to fall right on 3 November unless they are participating in the Student Competition

One Health Day

The global One Health Day 20162017 and 2018 Event Descriptions and Maps provide impressive examples of how the world is embracing and advocating for One Health. Online registration for events is free of charge and is necessary to get on the annual, global One Health Day map. The registration form can be accessed via One Health Day webpages on either the One Health Commission or One Health Platform websites. Event organizers are encouraged to use the One Health Day logo and to promote their events via local media and internationally via social media. Questions should be directed to Regional One Health Day Points of Contact.

To highlight and encourage the next generation of One Health experts, multi-disciplinary student groups can compete for cash prizes and global recognition again in 2019. Up to four Student Competition awards of $2,000 each may go to the top event in each of four global regions. Winning Student Teams for 2018 were Ross University, St, Kitts, Caribbean, the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the University of Rwanda Rift Valley Fever Project, Rwanda. This year competing student groups will find an Event Submission Checklist to enhance their Event Summary package and they are encouraged to begin planning their joint events now!

Additional information is available online at www.onehealthday.org

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