SACIDS–ACE Annual Work Plans Jan-Dec 2017

August 21, 2018


Name of the ACE: SACIDSYear 2017
January - December 2017
Action PlanComponentSub- componentOutputDLI #DLR #Estimated Budget (US$)JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptOctNovDec
LEARNING EXCELLENCEMSc programmesReview of MSc. One Health Molecular Biology (OHMB) curriculum and submit for national accreditation by Tanzania Commision of Universities (TCU)?A revised MSc curriculum in One Health Molecular Biology enhanced in content and context to meet local, regional and international standards in place within the first year of implementation22.3* 7,000
Collaborate in the review of MSc courses relevant to the mission of the Centre (i.e. in medical and veterinary epidemiology at Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) and Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA)) for national accreditation by TCUMSc courses in epidemiology22.3* 4,000
Initiating the Development of e-learning content and enhance use of ICT facilities in learning at SUA with special focus on One Health and Molecular Biology• IT infrastructure in place and e-learning platform operational
• E-learning platform utilized for student training
• Staff trained for implementation of e-learning
22.1* 26,100
RESEARCH EXCELLENCEShort coursesUndertake a scoping workshop, curriculum development and delivery of Research Leadership and Management skills courseA shared plan with agreed dates, objectives, participants, trainers (both international and local) who will design and deliver the different elements of the program.22.1* 60,000
Conduct a 2 weeks training of supervisors and university managers in PhD supervision, Research Leadership and Management for research excellence in academic settings (Co Funding with African Development Bank (AfDB))Trained supervisors and research managers22.1* 7,000
Conduct a course in BiosafetyBiosafety procedures enforced in Centre laboratories22.2* 30,000
Conduct a course in GIS (Subject to co funding by FAO of UN)At the end of training, course participants should:
I. Theoretical concepts of GIS understood.
ii. Knowledge in the operation of GIS software gained.
iii. Skill to integrate spatial and non-spatial data in GIS from various sources developed.
iv. Knowledge about the principles of spatial data capture, processing, analysis, visualization and dissemination gained.
v. Knowledge about cartographic concepts and map production in a GIS environment enhanced.
vi. Skill on spatial data analysis and development of predictive models gained.
vii. Interpretation skill using outputs from spatial data analysis to make appropriate decision in control and prevention of diseases improved.
viii. Knowledge and skill on risk assessment and management enhanced.
22.2* 5,000
Student based research Inception workshop to refine plan, define and allocate research themes, CoP structures, supervisors/mentors• Refined Implementation Plan
• Defined research themes and CoP structures
• Local, regional and international Supervisors/Mentors identified and engaged
22.1* 52,380
A Centre specific PhD programme/curriculum (Co funded by the Wellcome Trust)Developed PhD programme curriculum22.1* 15,900
Recruit 8 MPhil/Research MSc students5 national and 3 regional MPhil/ Res MSc students enrolled22.2* 56,201
Recruit 15 PhD students10 national and 5 regional PhD students enrolled 22.2* 165,313
Research conduct reinforced with Postdoctoral Fellows. Set up student based research for Postdocs, PhD and MPhil in line with the SACIDS-ACE research strategy.2 Postdocs enrolled22.1* 34,020
Induction workshop for PhD students and supervisorsInduction workshop conducted 22.1* 23,000
Refurbishment of student research training laboratories including upgrade of effluent treatment • Plans for the refurbishment of the student training laboratory
• Completion of the procurement process for the refurbishment of the laboratory
• Contract awarded for the refurbishment to begin
• Start of the refurbishment
• Refurbished and successful functioning of the laboratory
22.1* 126,000
Engage, collaborate and carryout joint research and training activities with partners, publish joint publications, develop and apply joint proposals• Signed MoU/ partner agreement with academic, research and private sector partners • Well developed joint research collaboration team with international partners,
• International collaboration team write and publish joint publication
• Joint developed proposals submitted for funding
• A well structure and developed regional collaborative network of trainers and researchers
• A well developed regional network of supervisors for PhD

22.5/2.7* 26,180
Engage Laboratory ManagerLaboratory Manager recruited and in place22.1* 3,125
Procure equipment, reagents and consumablesEquipment, reagents and consumables procured 22.1* 77,500
CENTRE MANAGEMENT AND PROGRAMME QUALITY ASSURANCE Appoint Centre Secretariat staff and set up operations for programme coordination, finance, Training and Research Officer, IT, procurement, Communications Manager programme quality assurance and internal Monitoring & Evaluation Centre secretariat staff appointed and are in place22.1* 124,435
Support Center operation costs: Salaries for Administration staff and Contribution to secretariat & Departmental operational costs Center Administration, regional coordination and financial management in line with regional expectations22.1* 80,058
Oversee and coordinate the quality assurance of the CentreConsistent and high performance by the Center22.1* 29,250
Organize quarterly executive team meetingsConsistency of performance of the Center22.1* 9,000
Organize ISAB meetingsStrategic objective advice to the Center22.1* 30,750
Contribute to cost of National Steering CommitteeReview and provide guidance to the overall strategy and implementation of the Center, including its impact at national and regional levels22.1* 5,686
Attend ACE II technical and advisory meetings22.1* 13,000
Attend Africa-China-WB ForumExpanded collaboration22.1* 12,000
COMMUNICATIONPublic and policy engagement Engage the public and policy makers in the regionPolicy makers and the public engaged22.1* 15,000
MONITORING AND EVALUATIONM&ECarry out monitoring (and control auditing of partners)Quarterly reports22.1* 4,000
Carry out external audit Audited financial reports22.1* 3,000
* 1,044,898
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