November 12, 2018

The SACIDS – Africa Centre of Excellence for Infectious Diseases (SACIDS-ACE) extends its congratulations to all candidates admitted for Master of Science in One Health Molecular Biology (MSc. OHMB) at Sokoine University of Agriculture who have been selected for a SACIDS-ACE studentship. The SACIDS-ACE selection panel considered a number of criteria in awarding these fellowships including nationality of the candidates taking into consideration of the country representation of existing fellows, gender, staff development at SUA and MUHAS, and educational background (Doctor of Medicine, Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, Biotechnology and Laboratory Sciences, Medical Laboratory Sciences et cetera). The SACIDS-ACE selection panel was neutral with no conflict of interest.


The selected candidates are highly requested to immediately report at SUA for registration and commencement of studies on Monday 12thNovember 2018. Please confirm your acceptance of the studentship by writing to the SACIDS Secretariat’s e-mail ( by Wednesday 14thNovember 2018.



Name of Candidate Sex Nationality
1 LUKAS, Simaneka Saara F Namibian
2 THOMAS, Winnie Gift F Namibian
3 MACHELE, Ines Sebastian F Tanzanian
4 MJEMA, Flora Alfred F Tanzanian
5 SAID, Aziza Ahmed F Tanzanian
6 MGAYA, Fauster Xavery F Tanzanian
7 KIBASA, Isaya Musa M Tanzanian
8 MASALA, Mwinyi B. M Tanzanian
9 NGINGO, Baraka Laurian M Tanzanian
10 RWEYEMAMU, Robert R. M Tanzanian
11 SANGA, George Janke M Tanzanian
12 KAWONGA, Flywell M Malawian
13 MSOLLA, Michael M Tanzanian
14 MAHENDEKA, Jovin Magayane M Tanzanian


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