SACIDS Shines during Nane Nane Fair

September 13, 2017

SACIDS participated in the annual Agricultural Exhibition famously known as NaneNane, which was officially opened by Tanzanian Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Hon. Prof. Jumanne Maghembe, the event took place between 1-8 August 2017 in Morogoro, Tanzania.

During the Fair, SACIDS showcased its work on One Health Reseach and training, Capacity Building, Smart Partnership, as well as exhibited its scientific work in promoting One Heath security including application of AfyaData to enhance early detection, timely reporting and prompt response of health events in human and animal populations. All geared towards making SACIDS as the leading Africa Centre of Excellence.

SACIDS booth was privileged visited by Tanzanian Ministers Hon. Prof. Jumanne Maghembe, Hon. Dr.Hamisi Kigwangalla and other stakeholders who commended the Centre’s activities in Infectious disease research and surveillance. Moreover, following demonstration of the AfyaData Mobile Application Hon. Dr. Kigwangalla noted that the tool could be used beyond disease surveillance especially in combating crimes in the Country.

During the Fair, the Nigerian delegates from Nigerian Embassy in Tanzania also visited SACIDS booth to learn about AfyaData App with possibilities of partnership in disease surveillance.

As a result of the exhibition, SACIDS increased its visibility and potential interest in its works from various stakeholders.

The “Nane Nane” (Farmer’s day) also known as the Agricultural Exhibition, is a one-week annual fair that takes place every year from August 1-8 in various regions of Tanzania. During the Fair, farmers and other stakeholders (e.g. universities and research institutions) display new technologies, ideas, discoveries and alternative solutions concerning the agricultural sector. It is an exhibitionwhere government and private firms showcase their products, services and activities to the public.


SACIDS-ACE Centre Leader Prof. Misinzo welcomes Deputy Minister of Health CDGEC Dr. Kigwangalla at the SACIDS booth


SACIDS Communications Officer Mr. Yunus Karsan welcomes Tanzania Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism Prof. Jumanne Maghembe at the SACIDS booth during Nane Nane



Mr. Mpoki Mwabukusi FROM SACIDS speaking to Press about AfyaData app


DODRES Project Leader Prof. Esron Karimuribo welcomes Nigerian Embassy delegates at the SACIDS booth


Mr. Godluck Akyoo demonstrating AfyaData to the delegates from Nigerian Embassy


Mr. Mpoki Mwabukusi explaining AfyaData App to the Deputy Minister of Health CDGEC Dr. Kigwangalla at the SACIDS booth


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