SACIDS is a ONE HEALTH consortium of southern African medical and veterinary, academic and research institutions involved with infectious diseases of humans and animals in the DRC , Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania, In an innovative partnership with world-renowed centres of research in industrialised countries.
Championing Disease Surveillance Research
From targeted sample collection and nucleic acid preparation to DNA sequencing and analysis; SACIDS leads the way in Disease Surveillance Research, thanks to its wide network of African research institutions and Smart Partners
Towards One Africa, One Health
We vision a Sub-Saharan African society protected from devastating infectious diseases affecting the health of humans, animals and ecosystems, thereby promoting livelihoods, socio-economic development including market access and the environment
Innovation, Science, Technology
Harnessing innovation science and technology to improve Sub-Saharan Africa's capacity to detect, identify and monitor infectious diseases
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 A Regional Solution to Transform Science and Technology Education in Africa For more details, please click here  ... Read More
Taasisi ya utafiti wa magonjwa ya wanyama na binadamu Kusini na Mashariki mwa Afrika, (SACIDS), imepongezwa kwa kubuni mfumo wa Mawasiliano ya kidijitali ya kubaini, kutoa taarifa mapema na kuchukuliwa hatua za kutibu tatizo kwa haraka.   Pongezi hizo zimetolewa na Kaimu Naibu wa Makamu wa Mkuu wa Chuo Kikuu cha Sokoine cha Kilimo,SUA, Prof.  ... Read More
On 30 Aug. 2016 The Southern African Centre for Infectious Disease Surveillance (SACIDS) organised a boundary partners meeting in Karatu, Arusha for its project titled ‘INTEGRATED HUMAN AND ANIMAL DISEASE CONTROL FOR TANZANIAN PASTORALISTS FACING SETTLEMENT’.   The Project brought together several key partners including Ngorongoro  ... Read More
  The 6th Health and Scientific Conference and International Health Exhibition and Trade Fair in March 29th-31st, 2017 Bujumbura, Burundi   ´╗┐MAIN THEME: PREPAREDNESS FOR AND CONTROL OF DISEASE OUTBREAKS, EPIDEMICS, AND PANDEMICS, IN THE CONTEXT OF CLIMATE CHANGE, GLOBALIZATION, AND GAPS IN HEALTH SYSTEMS    SUB  ... Read More
Southern African Centre for Infectious Disease Surveillance (SACIDS) is a One Health Virtual Centre that links academic and research institutions involved with infectious diseases of humans and animals in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania. SACIDS operates in smart partnership with centres of research  ... Read More
The Tanzania Veterinary Association (TVA) is pleased to announce that its 34th Scientific Conference will be held at the Arusha International Conference Centre (AICC) from the 6th to 8th December 2016 in Arusha, Tanzania.   The Theme for the Conference is: “Disease Control as the Main Driver for Improving Productivity and Livestock Market  ... Read More
The Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) invited Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) to its 11th Exhibitions on Higher Education that took place between 20-22 July in Dar es salaam, Tanzania.  The annual exhibition provides a platform to promote research and development, collaboration, partnerships, build networks and linkages between  ... Read More
When the cholera outbreak was at its peak late last year, Dr John Ngeleja, a medical officer, resisted the temptation to swallow antibiotics as a way of protecting himself from the water-borne disease.    He feared the worst could happen in the future if he surrendered to the use of the medications. So he opted for simple approaches such  ... Read More
Dr. Andrew Kitua has been appointed as the Regional Director of the Preparedness and Response project (P&R), which is part of the USAID Emerging Pandemic Threat (EPT2) Programme, for East and Central Africa. His appointment began on 1st June 2016 and is based in Kampala, Uganda. Address: Lugogo House, 42 Lugogo Bypass. P.O.Box 35434, Kampala, Uganda.  ... Read More
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