KIST Enters Collaborations with Four African Universities to Advance their Science and Technology Research Programs

September 22, 2017
KIST Enters Collaborations with Four African Universities to Advance their Science and Technology Research Programs
The Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) signed new bilateral agreements this month with four premier African universities part of a PASET initiative, to propel their research and PhD programs in applied sciences and technology. The agreements were signed at a workshop organized by KIST in collaboration with PASET, held on September 6-12, 2017. Each of…

TechnoHealth Surveillance Newsletter Volume2, Number 8 August 2017

September 15, 2017
From Editors’ desk Dear reader, We are pleased to welcome you to Volume 2, Number 8 of TechnoHealth Surveillance. In this issue, we share with you the  experience  from  the  Caribbean  countries  with interesting  observations  on  similarities  and  differences between CaribVET and the Southern African Centre for Infectious   Disease   Surveillance  (SACIDS)   regarding approaches in disease…

SACIDS Shines during Nane Nane Fair

September 13, 2017
SACIDS participated in the annual Agricultural Exhibition famously known as NaneNane, which was officially opened by Tanzanian Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Hon. Prof. Jumanne Maghembe, the event took place between 1-8 August 2017 in Morogoro, Tanzania. During the Fair, SACIDS showcased its work on One Health Reseach and training, Capacity Building, Smart Partnership,…


September 8, 2017
Achieving Research Excellence & Impact at Team, Research Unit, Institutional and National Levels   Monday 23rd – Wednesday 25th October 2017 White Sands Conference Centre, Africana Road, Jangwani Beach DAR ES SALAAM   Objectives To gain an enhanced understanding of the national and international context within which the work of each Africa Center of Excellence…

Call for Papers on Communication and Health Security: Improving Public Health Communication in Response to Large-Scale Health Threats

September 7, 2017
A Special Feature in Health Security Topic Editors:  Tara Kirk Sell, PhD and Crystal Watson, DrPH Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security Manuscript submission deadline: October 20, 2017 Effective communication is an essential tool in establishing an appropriate response to any large-scale health threat or disaster, such as a newly emerging infectious disease, terrorism, environmental catastrophe, or…

Mfumo mpya Wa afya data Kuwaanufaisha Wafugaji nchini

September 1, 2017
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Happy Lazaro, mwananchi Arusha. Jamii ya Waf ugaji waishio Wilayani Ngorongoro mkoani Arusha Wamenufaika na mfumo mpya wa afya data unaowaWezesha kutuma taarifa Za dalili ya magonjwa ya Wanyama, binadamu kupitía simu za mkonomi na kupata mrejesho kwa Wakati. Akizungumza kuhusiana na mfumo huo, mkuu wa Kituo cha Umahiri cha Afrika (SACIDSACE), Profesa Gerald…