Daniel Mdetele

Daniel Mdetele is a PhD student under SACIDS through GCRF – Mara Serengeti PPR funded project. Joined SACIDS from Department of Veterinary services – Ministry of Livestock and fisheries, Tanzania where he has been leading animal diseases investigations and control at the central zone of Tanzania. He is investigating epidemiology of Peste des petit ruminants (PPR) in relation to small ruminant’s movement and interactions with wildlife in Tanzania.Aiming at improving understanding of PPR spreading and maintenance in relation to livestock movements and interaction with Wildlife in Tanzania, information necessary for proper planning on control and eradication of the disease affecting short cycle stock and livelihood of small-scale farmers.

Mdetele holds a MPHIL in viral diseases from Sokoine University of Agriculture where he studied Epidemiology and social economic impact of Foot and mouth disease in Wildlife livestock interface and non-interface areas of Tanzania. His research interests include studying the epidemiology of diseases pathogens in the complex ecosystems aiming at understanding the spreading of diseases among livestock and wildlife information necessary for early identification, prevention and control of disease in livestock and wildlife in order to improve livestock production and wildlife conservation.

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