Dr. Gabby Monteiro

Dr. Gaby Monteiro is a Southern African Centre for Infectious Diseases Surveillance (SACIDS) PhD Candidate on Rift Valley fever virus. The title of the research work is “Molecular Basis for the Rift Valley Fever virus virulence”. She is registered at the Department of Veterinary tropical diseases of the Faculty of Veterinary sciences, University of Pretoria with collaboration of the National Institute of Communicable diseases of the National Health laboratory service (NICD-NHLS), South Africa.
Dr. Monteiro holds a University degree in Veterinary Medicine from the “Universidade Eduardo Mondlane” in Mozambique and a Masters Degree in Veterinary Medicine (Animal Pathology) from the “Universidade Stadia Paulette”, São Paulo, Brazil. She has experience in animal pathology with emphasis on diagnostic of avian, mammalian and wildlife diseases.
She has experience on immunopatlology where she develops research on tick –host interface. She has two publications: Antigen-presenting cells in draining lymph nodes of goats repeatedly infested by the Cayenne tick Amblyomma cajennense nymphs. Exp Appl Acarol (2010). And cutaneous basophilia in the resistance of goats to Amblyomma cajennense nymphs after repeated infestations. Animal Biodiversity and Emerging Diseases: Ann.NY.Acad.Sci. 1149:221-228 (2008).
Dr. Monteiro lectures Anatomical Pathology, Histology and Embryology to undergraduate students at the “Universidade Eduardo Mondlane”. She is currently acting as head of the Paraclinical division at the Veterinary Faculty and member of the Ethic committee of “Universidade Eduardo Mondlane”.
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