Dr. Jose Manuel Fafetine

José Manuel Fafetine was born in Maputo, Mozambique in 1968. After obtaining his degree in Veterinary Medicine from the Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique in 1992, he obtained his MSc degree in Tropical Veterinary Medicine from the Free University of Berlin, Germany in 1996.

He has just finalized his PhD studies at the Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa. Since 1992 he has been lecturing Microbiology and Immunology in the Veterinary Faculty, Eduardo Mondlane University. His main research interest is the diagnosis and epidemiology of viral and zoonotic diseases. In this context he has participated in various teams involved in the research of important veterinary diseases with public health impact, such has rabies, tuberculosis, cystecercosis, leptospirosis and Rift Valley fever. On the administrative side he was a deputy Dean for Research at the Veterinary Faculty, Eduardo Mondlane University for 4 years (2006-2009).
He is currently leading a research group on epidemiology and molecular diagnosis of viral diseases, including the supervision of undergraduate and pos graduate students, at the Veterinary Faculty and Biotechnology Center of the Eduardo Mondlane University. In the last 3 years he secured more than 100.000,00 US Dollars of research funding from international and national agencies.
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