Dr. Justin Masumu

For many years I worked in animal and health management. After considering the need of knowledge improvement I made a soft shift into research. In 2006 I completed my PhD program at ITMA (Institute of Tropical Medicine of Antwerp) in collaboration with the University of Ghent.

My field of expertise was until then “molecular epidemiology” of parasites mainly trypanosomes and its implication of disease impact on animal health and production. Currently I extended the approach to emerging infectious diseases with focus on viral hemorrhagic fevers under SACIDS postdoctoral program.

My current program relates to the understanding of natural resistance to Ebola disease and the development of appropriate surveillance and response strategies against filovirus hemorrhagic fevers. Apart from research building, I also focus on developing young researchers.

To achieve this, I conduct lectures to under and postgraduate students at UNIKIN and UPN in Kinshasa, DRC. I also have under my supervision several PhD and MSc students either from SACIDS or some of our national universities.

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