Patrick Bisimwa Ntagereka

I am Mr. Patrick Bisimwa Ntagereka, holding a master in One Health Molecular biology. I am currently lecturer at Universite Evangelique en Afrique (UEA/Bukavu/D.R.Congo) in the department of Animal Science. In addition, I am interesting in diagnosis, epidemiology and molecular characteristics of some zoonotic and non zoonotic emerging and re-emerging diseases of public health and food security important (RVFV, CHIKV, ASFV, FMD) in order to develop strategy measures for their effective control.

Discovery: Research title: Mosquito abundance and molecular detection of arbovruses in Kyela district.

Different arboviruses vectors identified in Kyela district of Tanzania were associated with Chikungunya virus infection. According to these results, people from Kyela are highly likely to be exposed to arboviruses over the course of their lifetime. Detection of arbovirus infection in the vectors suggests that Aedes. ssp have the potential to transmit Chikungunya and other arboviruses, such they may play a major role during epizootics/epidemics. Further studies are needed to detect the presence of arboviruses in human as well as in livestock in order to confirm vector competent in arbovirus transmission. In addition, molecular characterization of the circulating viruses and elucidating of epidemiological factors are needful in order to institute national interventions for prevention and control of these infections.


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