Ricky Chazya

Ricky Chazya is a Master of Science degree student in One Health Analytical Epidemiology at the University of Zambia, Department of Disease Control, sponsored by Southern African Center for Infectious Disease Surveillance (SACIDS).
My research interests are directed at Infectious diseases in Africa with a strong interest in Risk Assessment, Risk Mapping, Disease Surveillance, and Research Study designs. The objective of my current research work is to quantify the risk of Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) introduction from Southern Tanzania into Northern Zambia through trade in small livestocks as well as to map the risk and identify possible routes of entry of the disease. This research will identify critical pathways for PPR entry into the country and identify mitigation measures in managing the risk as well as informing decision makers such as the government, regional bodies such as SADC and COMESA, FAO, OIE, and other stakeholders. This risk assessment will also form a basis of similar work in future.
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